Skin energizing with Panthenol Extra Glacier Face Water.


Moisturize your face with Panthenol Extra Glacier Face Water, containing ingredients that provide 24-hour hydration, toning and protection. Panthenol Extra Glacier Face Water is specifically designed to cover the "nutritional" needs of your skin, as it refreshes the skin worn out by sun, air pollution and tiredness, boosting it with energy. Its exceptional formula with refreshing glacier water, minerals and trace elements, Panthenol, Hyaluronic acid, Aloe and Pomegranate, makes it an essential item in daily skin care routine.

How to Use

Hold 5-10 cm. from the skin and spray evenly with your eyes closed. Leave it until mostly absorbed and dab away lightly any extra quantity. For external use only.

Dermatologically and sensitive skin tested. Parabens free.