Daily anti-wrinkle action with Panthenol Extra Face & Eye Cream.


Apply the anti-wrinkle cream twice daily, on the face, around the eyes and the decollette area. Panthenol Extra Face & Eye Cream 24h is a specially formulated cream with intense regenerative and anti-wrinkle action.

Its carefully formulated composition includes:

1. Two peptides, which promote collagen synthesis, reduce fine lines and delay the formation of new wrinkles.

2. Panthenol. The most well-known and useful provitamin in cosmetology. Hydrates the skin in depth, contributes to cell renewal and improves skin texture.

3. Hyaluronic Acid. A powerful moisturizing agent that releases water gradually. With valuable ingredients, this very skin-friendly cream will enable you to effectively treat existing wrinkles and slow down the formation of new ones.

How to Use

On clean and completely dry skin, apply a small amount and help it absorb with gentle circural motions.

Dermatologically tested, parabens free.